When it comes to secondary containment, you have a few options to choose from. A & B Welding, Inc.. can help you achieve the best secondary containment package that would suit your needs.

The various secondary containment packages include:
Earthen Containment: This application is probably the most common. Our excavator or the customer’s contractor would remove dirt from the site where the secondary containment would be placed and build berm walls to form a pooling area or containment dike with the dirt that was removed. A liner system is then added to the containment floor and berm walls.

Steel Containment: One of the most recent containment packages offered is the corrugated steel secondary containment. This application follows the same outline as the earthen containment, but can save valuable room because it can be shaped to different configurations. After the containment area is level and compacted, reinforcement posts and corrugated steel sheets are installed to make the containment area. Then a liner system is installed to cover the floor and walls.

Tank in a Tank: When you are limited on space, this is the containment we recommend. A & B Weldin, Inc. has built several tanks inside of a secondary containment tank. This tank package will not only save valuable space, but you will not have to continually monitor and pump rain water out of the containment area. These tank packages have two floors, two walls, and share the same roof.